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Reward Legends gives you opportunity to get Free Robux.

You simply need to earn points then convert into Free Robux Reward. You can also win Robux by joining giveaways.

How to Get Robux?

Earn Points, Get Free Robux!

Getting Free Robux is very simple in Reward Legends. You simply need to earn points by joining us, inviting friends or doing simple task such as playing games, installing apps, completing survey or watching videos.

  • Join Reward Legends

    Sign-up now then start earning points. You'll receive a 10 bonus points once you're registered

  • Share & Earn

    Share our website to your social media accounts and earn up to 50 points on your invited friends

  • Earn Points

    Earn points faster from our task wall page that required you to complete simple task

  • Get Free Robux

    Convert your earned points into Free Robux or Roblox gift cards

How to Join Robux Giveaway?

Win Robux by joining our weekly Giveaway!

Aside from earning points, you can also join to our Weekly Robux Giveaway.

The first step to join giveaway is to register to our website. Please take note upon registering, do not use you roblox password. We never ask for your roblox password. Please use another one.

Then after you login or register, you need to complete any task from our Task Wall page to earn Raffle Ticket.

You will get 1 Raffle Ticket for every task completed. On our Task Wall page, It is very easy to play games or install apps to earn Ticket.

When you have Raffle ticket, Please check if you are now eligible to join.

Just go to our Giveaway Center page to check your eligibility and Giveaway items. Usually most of our giveaways required only 1 Raffle Ticket. Then it will increase depend on the giveaway prize.

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