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Garena Free Fire

Free Fire Diamonds

What is Garena Free Fire?

Garena free fire also called as free fire battle grounds and it is an interesting mobile game which was developed and published by the popular studio named Garena. It is also stated as mobile battle royale game and it was released in 20th November 2017 particularly for android versions. This game play is really quite interesting and thrilling too and makes the player indulge in the game very often. In 2019 “best popular voted game” title was given to free fire by Google play and in 2018 free fire got 4th rank under the title highest downloaded games.

Google play says that free fire acquired about 182 million downloads which denotes the peak popularity of the game. Let us see the gaming procedure of this game in detail along with the impact of garena free fire free top up and the importance of free diamond garena free fire in details.

Free Fire Gaming Procedure

When a player joins this game he has to enter into a royal plane and the plane will fly over an island and in that island he will pick out the secured place to jump from the plane. After that he has to survive in that island along with 50 to 55 players and the winning position is that the player must withstand till the last by eliminating the opponents one by one. In the island he can find many powerful weapons which he can make use of it to sustain in the field and there are also medical equipments which helps the players to get rid of injuries. This is the simple game play and even though it makes the players to feel thrilled and charmed till the end.

Importance of Free Fire Game Currency

Getting weapons which are really powerful as the usual one is provided in this enchanting game free fire and through those weapons the player can withstand as long as he can. Free fire game offer currencies to the players in the form of diamonds and with those diamonds players can get enough weapons and also medical aids. In this way currency plays a very important role in the game free fire garena and diamonds are also stated as the premium currencies in this game. This diamond can be purchased with real money whenever needed. Getting free fire free diamond is somewhat difficult but users of the Reward Legends nowadays easily get these diamonds by redeeming points they earned at the task wall page. Focus on how to get diamonds for free. Let us see some other ways to obtain free diamond garena free fire in the upcoming statements.

Reward Legends – the best rewards provider in trend

There is a most familiar site named as reward legends which is specially designed to provide rewards for its users. The simple ways of getting rewards can be found here and let us see how reward legends site and free fire game is being united here.

As we have discussed above getting garena free fire top – up is merely not easy but it is somewhat simple when the players enter into this reward legends site. Here in this site people can find several interesting techniques to get free diamonds for the free fire game and let us see those techniques one by one in the below lines

  • 1. Just join reward legends: Yes it is by just joining the reward legends the user can avail about 10 points very simply and effortlessly. Getting 10 points from any other sites are not that too easy, but here the user has to just sign in and 10 points will fill up his account instantly.
  • 2. Invite friends: The very next interesting step to acquire points is that the user must invite his friends. This act is actually very easy as inviting friends is simple and easy and in turn this popularizes the website along with that the user who invites can acquire enormous points.
  • 3. Task wall – Main source to earn points: The next is the task wall which is found abundantly in reward legends site. They basically offer different kinds of tasks and if the user completes such tasks he can be capable of getting enough points. Those tasks are very simple and it can be like.

  • • Downloading app
  • • Completing surveys
  • • Watching videos

Points which are obtained varies based on the task and also it depends on the device which is been used. All kinds of devices can be used to enjoy earning points and some of the commonly used devices can be: Android and iOS.

Trademark Notice: This page describes an opportunity to be gifted a gift card, purchased from an authorized seller. The words "Garena Free Fire" and "Garena Shells" are registered trademarks of Garena Studio. This offer is not sponsored or endorsed by Garena Studio.

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How to Earn Points?

Upon joining in our website, you will automatically receive 10 points to your account.

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No matter where you are, inviting your friends tru social media enables you to earn points.

You just need to share your referral link to your Facebook, Twitter, Messenger or other social media sites.

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Our Task Wall is the main source of your points. From our various sponsors, you need to complete simple tasks such as downloading app, completing surveys or watching videos.

Points varies for every task. You can earn more points by using different devices such as Android or iPhone, iPad or Computer.

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