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PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile UC

What is mobile PUBG and How to play it?

Playerunknown’s battlegrounds mobile game was published by Tencent games which are especially available for iOS and Android. Currently, it is undergoing phased roll out and it is available in UK and other territories. This game starts with parachuting onto game Island. Once you land it on Island then you can get clothes to weapons. Actually, Island is the mixture of rural and urban environments. The mobile game is having same gameplay elements as Xbox and PC game but it is using On-Screen control.

You can also customize for different layouts and elements which is suitable to size of your preferences and device. It comes with fantastic numbers of the features such as:

  • • Automatic sprinting
  • • Upgrade looting
  • • Bots
  • • Log-in bonus
  • • Missions

PUBG mobile is giving added objectives through the mission which encourage different styles of play and additional rewards.

What is PUBG Game?

PUBG is also known as Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds and it belongs to online multiplayer battle royale game which is published and developed by PUBG Corporation. This game is subsidiary of South Korean video game. PUBG game is based on the previous mods that are created by Brendan Playerunknown that is inspired by Battle Royale Japanese film. It is the player versus player shooter game. In a game, player might pick up to enter the match duo, solo or with small team up to 4 people. Pubg mobile is having smart gameplay tweaks rather than to its counterparts. This game is widely used to enhance Playerunknown battlegrounds which is experienced on Xbox one and PC.

Game Currency in PUBG Mobile

PUBG mobile game currency is also termed as the UC and it stands for Unknown cash. It is the imaginary cash and it is only working on the specific game. You can also use real money to UC and use it for buying stuffs in the game shops. There are tons of ways there to get UC in the PUBG mobile game. You can also upgrade your account to get the free UC. Once you complete the seasonal tasks then you might get different kinds of rewards and prizes. If you look to get pubg mobile free uc then you can follow any of the methods like free Google play credits, using elite royale pass rewards and upgrade your account. You can choose any of the method based on your needs.

Methods to get free UC in PUBG Game

As we know, Unknown cash is the virtual money in the PUBG game. By using this money, you can buy skins of bags, guns and clothes. There are tons of methods there to get free UC in Pubg game which includes

  • • Playstore
  • • Gift
  • • Other third class reward application


Sometimes, Google might provide some discount so you can check it on the Google Playstore. In case you are not having idea about Google Playstore gift then you can follow the below instructions such as

  • • Go to your Phone and open Google Playstore application.
  • • Likewise, tab on the Left side menu and choose notification. You can get game credits and pre register games.
  • • In Playstore, each single email is having different discount offers.

If you are looking for pubg mobile free redeem code then you are advisable to choose reliable and trusted site because they can only provide redeem code to their clients. Suppose you are not happy to spend money for buying UC then you can take advantage on the redeem code. You are advisable to use Google Opinion reward app which is especially designed by Google and it is offering user surveys which is helpful to complete in exchange for money.


If you are having good friends and family members then you can get gift from them. If you are an experienced and good player then you can record the gameplay so anyone come and give you some money which is really helpful to earn money on PUBG game. Actually, PUBG is the free to play game for both iOS and android users. It is one of the most famous online battleground games. If you are seeking for the finest and trusted place to get free UC then you are advisable to visit Reward Legends because they are offering free UC to their client. This kind of the option helps to improve your winning chances in game.

Complete Guide to Get Free UC in PUBG Mobile

If you are having question about how to get free uc in pubg mobile then you can visit rewardlegends because they are really beneficial to save your money and time. If you are choosing this site then you can get unlimited numbers of UC to increase your winning possibility in PUBG game. Unknown cash in PUBG mobile is some players who are looking to get rare outfits and skins. At the same time, it is not always necessary to buy UC for playing PUBG game. You can also play with three or four items from the regular costumes that are made available for you at your level. Now a day, technology has improved a lot and tons of hacking tools are available to get free UC but choosing Reward Legends are the ideal place because they are having trusted and qualified team to offer complete support and guidance to their clients. Actually, they are the number one rewards website because they are offering you gift card or gift credits in online. You can also earn points and convert these points into the reward. Only few steps are required to get rewards which includes join reward legends, share & earn, get points and obtain rewards. Once you join at their website then you can automatically receive ten points for your account. You can also earn points by inviting your friends to join reward legends. Fortunately, you might redeem your earned points into the different rewards like free gift cards or game credits based on your wish.

Trademark Notice: This page describes an opportunity to be gifted a gift card, purchased from an authorized seller. The words "PUBG Mobile" and "UC" are registered trademarks of PUBG Corporation and Tencent Games. This offer is not sponsored or endorsed by PUBG Corporation and Tencent Games.

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