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Xbox Gift Cards

What is XBOX?

The Xbox is a type of video game console comes with a controller, cables like HDMI and power cable, power brick and a kinetic camera. Actually, the Xbox is a type of PlayStation where you can enjoy your video games with lots of joy to spend your weekend. If you have Xbox, then you have a chance to play games by connecting either with television or any other media which contains display. Many people prefer Xbox as it provides realistic graphics in the games. The Xbox gaming console includes Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

To make our time more entertaining on the weekends or holidays we prefer to play games. The game can be a real one or it can be a reel game. The reel games include video games, mobile games, online games and much more. When it comes to the real game most the people prefer to play video games. One of the famous video games is Xbox which is created and owned by tech giant Microsoft. This video gaming brand presents video game consoles, in which the consoles are developed with three different categories and released in the name of 6th generation, 7th, and 8th generation.

What is an Xbox gift card?

Those who are all playing with Xbox, they might be known about the Xbox gift card. If you are the new person to play with Xbox we will give you a short note about the Xbox gift card. Xbox gift card from the Reward Legends allows a person to choose the lucky recipient. The lucky recipients can choose the gift that they are in need of. For the gift, they choose there are no fees or no expiration dates. With the gift you can get subscriptions, the subscription includes the Xbox game pass, the Xbox live gold and also the Xbox game pass ultimate.

More than that gift card allows you to play some popular games, apps and, add-ons. You can get some chances to watch the latest released movies and also allows you to watch the famous TV shows. If you don't want to get a subscription then you can get accessories and devices for your Xbox One console and controllers. Once if you get a gift card then there are many chances to redeem the gift card in the way you like to change it. Based on your wish you can redeem the gift you got.

How to get a free Xbox gift card?

There are two different ways available to get the Xbox gift card. The first option to get an Xbox gift card by paying the amount the other way to get the gift card is getting free from online websites. Some other websites are providing free Xbox gift card not everyone is trustworthy. One of the safest and trusted websites that provide free Xbox gift cards is To earn free gift box from their website you just need to get some points at Reward Legends. The points earned from their website can be changed into an Xbox gift card as a reward.

For the convenience of customers, they have simplified the method to earn rewards online. The points can be earned in some of the simplest ways like joining along with them, inviting your friends to their website to get benefited and earn points by simply doing easy tasks. Once if you join the reward legends by signing up you will be awarded 10 bonus points. The bonus point is awarded for the registration and it shows that you have started your journey with reward legends.

Earn more just by completing some simple steps

There is one more way to earn points that are sharing the website to the social media accounts that maybe Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. Through the link, you shared if any of your friends have joined the website you will be awarded points up to 50. More than these two options you can get more points by completing the task wall page. To earn as much as points you have to complete the task wall page on the rewards legend website. To earn more points, the task wall is the main source when compared to others. You have to complete some of the simple tasks like downloading the application which given on the website, completing the service which given by the sponsor members, or by watching the videos given on the website by various sponsors.

Once if you are entered into the registration you will be asked to enter the username, email address, mobile number and, password. Make sure that you are providing the available mobile number and email address. While entering the mobile number choose the country you are from and while entering the password you have to do it twice to confirm the password. Once if you as much as reward points you can redeem it to free Xbox to live gold codes or free Xbox gift cards. The reward points you earned will be stored in the account of your reward legends. Once if you earned enough reward you can change it to the gift you are in need of. For each and every offer the points differ.

For each and every product available on the site the point differs. If you have more points you can go to the highest valued products. Otherwise, try to score points to get free Xbox live gold codes. When compared with other websites and some other ways, this is the simplest, easiest and trusted way to get the free Xbox gift cards. In simple words login to the reward legend website and register yourself on their website. Get reward points after registration as a welcome bonus, on points by sharing on social media and by completing the task wall which is offered by the sponsors like downloading apps, filling the review and more. By earning certain points allotted for free Xbox live codes and play your game like a boss and have a great time while playing your desired game.

Trademark Notice: This page describes an opportunity to be gifted a gift card, purchased from an authorized seller. The words "Xbox" and "Xbox Gift Cards" are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. This offer is not sponsored or endorsed by Microsoft Corporation.

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Our Task Wall is the main source of your points. From our various sponsors, you need to complete simple tasks such as downloading app, completing surveys or watching videos.

Points varies for every task. You can earn more points by using different devices such as Android or iPhone, iPad or Computer.

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